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Not sure if they kept it in as a joke, but PTR still lists AbsolutePoker (Cereus) hands for sale . The site closed due to cheating scandals and the US indictment  more than 2 years. If that listing is any indication on how up to date their handhistories are, you might want to avoid them completely.

Billions of poker hands are scraped and stored in batches based on the format of the game. The sheer volume is not what you should be after, you'll want the latest hands if you plan to use the information within the hands to your advantage in the near future. If you play frequently and this information is valuable to you you should consider using a subscription service instead of bulk purchases.

To buy poker handhistories, simply select the platform, the game type, the table format and the stake, hitting next will display the coverage of the games in question. Such coverage should indicate the date when the hands were mined and the number of available poker hands. The higher the number of hands you purchase, the bigger the applied discount will be.

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